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Stainless steel inspection bridge, Hardanger, Norway
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Navalshore - Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Expo and Conference, Brazil

VISTAL Capital Group

Vistal Capital Group based on over twenty years experience, offers a comprehensive implementation of various steel structures in Poland and Europe. Our area of ​​operation is a manufacturing, assembly, corrosion protection, NDT testing facilities for bridge, shipbuilding, wind and Offshore industry.A wide range of services as we can to provide our customers with  products, often with outstanding performance and dimensional weight, meeting the highest standards of quality. Particular attention is paid to safety and durability of our structures to make sure it meets the stringent requirements of building standards, according to Polish and European standards. Providing high quality products have gained the recognition of customers at home and abroad. We are proud to partner standing relationships with companies from across Europe.

Policy of the Intergrated Management System of Vistal Gdynia S.A.

Vistal Gdynia S.A.
ul. Hutnicza 40
81-061 Gdynia
phone: (58) 783 37 04
phone: (58) 783 37 05
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